Thursday, November 6, 2008

Noah talking and cooing

4 months old

Wow! Noah is 4 months old today! Some new things are we have introduced solid food for the first time a couple of days ago. He didn't necessarily enjoy the first bite of rice cereal, he actually made some not so good faces, but seems as though he is enjoying it more and more each time. He has also been holding his head up better when he is on his stomach. He will even sometimes roll over from his stomach to his back, which surprises him every time. It won't be long before he is rolling from his back to his stomach, he gets his upper body almost over but his bottom half has yet to follow. Noah has also just started these mini sit ups, when he is in his car seat or bouncer chair he puts his head forward and his legs come up, it is kind of a funny site. Noah's great grandma Sandhurst also came for a visit in October. She got to visit with Noah quite a few times and even watched him one day while I was at work, he was very good and I think grandma had fun too.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween 2008

I've officially returned back to work and Noah had his first day of daycare. He is doing well so far and Norma has had only good things to say, I was really worried about how he would do so I feel much better about the situation now. 
Noah had his first trip to the pumpkin patch and got all dressed up for Halloween. Matt took him to the pumpkin patch with Aunt Erin, Uncle Sean and cousins Keegan and Connor. On Halloween the Waklee family were all dressed up as characters from Lord of the Rings so Matt thought him and Noah needed to fit in. Matt was dressed up as Treebeard and Noah was Pippin it was a pretty funny site, surprisingly Noah didn't mind wearing his wig.