Friday, July 31, 2009

Noah eating birthday cake!

I finally uploaded this video from Noah's birthday party. He was crying at the beginning because we had put his party hat on and he hated it so even after we took it off he was still very upset. The cake I made I been in the fridge so the frosting didn't melt but it made it look like a block of cake that wouldn't move :) Also his hair is a crazy mess from all the sunscreen we put on his head while he was swimming. Well enjoy the video!

Monday, July 27, 2009

First Haircut!

Noah had his first haircut on July 22! His hair was getting quite long in the back and although I loved the curls I felt it needed to be cleaned up. He did great and didn't cry once and now he looks like such a big boy!



This is a good side view showing his cut and all his curls are gone :(

Monday, July 6, 2009

Noah is ONE!

Noah is officially one year old today! I cannot believe how fast this came! No walking quite yet but he has tried to balance a couple time standing by himself so I'm sure we will have a walker in our near future. We celebrated Noah's birthday on July 4th with a party at my mom and dad's house. There was swimming, BBQ and fireworks and about 30 people showed up including great aunts and uncles from as far as Paso Robles and Pasadena. I made Noah his own mini cake that he inspected quite a bit before tearing into and eating most of it. He stayed awake for a few sparklers before dark but then went off to bed before the big fireworks.

As far as some of the things he doing right now is he is saying words like dada, mama, papa, baba and is just starting to actually repeat them if you say them otherwise it is pretty random. He enjoys the toys that you put things into like his new pig that you put coins in or anything with cause and effect like his basketball hoop that makes noise that a number at the top that changes when the ball goes through the hoop or his favorite just pressing the button with his hand. He loves his walker and running around outside, when his cousin Connor was here over the weekend he would follow him everywhere. Oh and since it has been so hot here we have been in the pool quite a bit so Noah is getting used to that and enjoying that also.

Well Noah's first plane ride is coming up at the end of July. My aunt Pam, Noah and I are going to Washington State to go visit my cousin Megan and their newest addition Clover and my other cousin Elizabeth and the whole Boers clan. I'm looking forward to the trip but nervous about the flight, but fortunately I will have Pam with me and the flight is only 2 hours. Well I must finish up some other things while Noah is napping!