Tuesday, December 30, 2008


So the month of December has been a busy month. Noah was sick for the first time. He had a cold, the runny nose, slight cough and his voice sounded funny. His night time was difficult because he couldn't breath through his nose so he was waking up frequently which wasn't very fun for us. We walked down Christmas Tree lane, a street where all the houses decorate with lights, we had friends and family accompany us. Noah also had two bottom teeth come in which has made things interesting. Since the teething has started he has not been sleeping through the night anymore. Also Noah has been sitting up for short periods of time, it shouldn't be much longer before he is doing it all by himself!
Noah is still doing great at daycare, Norma and Bert enjoy having him there. I have just accepted a second job at a surgery center in Fresno. I will be working per diem only, which means one day a week or one day every 2 weeks. So I'm looking forward to starting that. 
He was sick but still giving me smiles
Runny nose
Christmas Tree Lane
All bundled up
Sitting up by myself at bath time!

Noah's first Christmas!

Well Noah had his first Christmas. He didn't really know what was going on and enjoyed playing with the wrapping paper the most, next year should be much more eventful.  He got some toys, but not too many so that was nice. We also took him to go see Santa and that didn't phase him too much and I don't even think he really looked at who he was sitting with, I'm just glad he didn't cry. We had my side of family over to our house on Christmas Eve and did our annual white elephant gift exchange with is always interesting and Christmas Day we drove to Matt's parents house, which is 2 1/2 hours away, where we spent the day with his parents and his sister's family. Unfortunately I had to work the next day so we had to make it a short trip.

The new backpack for Noah

Friday, December 5, 2008

Noah's second time rolling over, he was not happy until he did it

Rolling over!

Well Noah has had his first Thanksgiving, I don't have any pics from that day I will have to get those from my mom, I know what bad parents. We had a great day though, we spent the first part of the afternoon at my Aunt LeeAnne's and then the later afternoon with Matt's side of the family at our house. The day after Thanksgiving Matt hung a swing in our backyard and Noah has really been enjoying that.
So Noah is now rolling over from his back to his stomach, the only problem is once he gets on his stomach he has forgotten how to get onto his back again which makes him very mad. He has also started squealing and screaming when he is playing and we have gotten a few good belly laughs out of him. He is eating solids a couple times a day now and has tried a variety of fruits and vegetables.
He loves his swing and if you look at his feet he does this a lot with them

Soon I will be able sit up on my own
Such a long boy