Thursday, May 6, 2010

Baby, fishing, running and outside oh my!

Well a lot has been going on since I have written last. First thing, which most of you know already, we are expecting again! Noah will be a big brother at the beginning of November so we have lots of planning to do by then, the holiday's should be very busy this year! I have been feeling good so far, a little nausea here and there but that is it.
Noah is talking more and more everyday, he is putting together 2 words or more now. Sometimes it is not always the easiest to understand but he gets his point across. He is very expressive with his emotions and you know when he is upset that is for sure and he is not afraid to scream in the middle of Target which is always fun for Matt and I but hey what are you going to do :)
Noah took his first fishing trip with Matt and Grandpa out on the boat. He enjoyed himself and seeing the fish up close!
Matt ran a half marathon last weekend in Sacramento. This was his first time and longest run he has ever done. He finished in 1 hour and 53 minutes which beat his goal of 2 hours so we were very proud of him. I just wish I could have participated he just took up running just in time for me not be able to do it anymore. After this pregnancy I hope to finish my own half marathon!
Spring is here and the weather has been wonderful so we have been spending a lot of time outside. We are getting as much time in before it's over 100 degrees here!

Kicking the soccer ball in the backyard
Playing with bubbles

Matt after finishing his half marathon!

Noah playing while waiting for daddy to finish!

Noah and daddy fishing