Monday, June 1, 2009

Pool Time!

So I can't believe that Noah is almost one year old! I have already started planning his birthday party which is going to be on July 4. It is going to at my parents house and we will be swimming, BBQing and doing fireworks which should be fun. 
Unfortunately some bad news is that Matt got laid off at his job so he has been home being Mr. Mom which has been nice, I'm sure he would rather be working though. We are not sure what our plan is yet except that he is looking for a new job, right now I'm working as much as I can and stay sane but we are financially stable for the moment. 
Here are some pics of Noah in our pool for the first time, he has been in Grandma and Granpa's though, he loves the water. And he isn't taking any steps of his own but will push his toy all over the living room with us steering or running around in his walker outside which he has gotten very good at maneuvering.