Friday, March 6, 2009

Noah is 8 months old today here some pictures I took today outside, it was a very nice day! Enjoy!

A bit blurry but you can see those cute bottom teeth

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Poor Noah

So since Friday Noah has had this fever, his gums looked red and I think I see a tooth coming in so I just attribute the fever to that. Well the fever continued through the weekend, Tuesday I had to miss a class to stay home with him so I decided just to take him to the ER where I work to have his ears looked at thinking maybe that is what was causing the problem all along. The doctor said his ears looked fine so I thought ok then he should just get better with time. But the next day he started having yellow drainage from his left ear which then I knew it was probably he ears all along. I had already made an appointment earlier in the week for him to see his doctor today and she confirmed my thoughts and it looks like it's a double ear infection. Now he is on antibiotics and will hopefully be sleeping and feeling better again in a few days. Poor guys had to put up with this too long though, I will know better next time. 

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Noah on the move

Well as you can tell by how often I post life has been pretty busy. Noah is definitely getting around, more scooting than crawling, although he recently has been getting in the crawling position and using his knees to move for just a short period. He has now discovered finger foods and loves those Gerber Puffs, he is getting very good at picking things up with his fingers and moving things around his mouth to break it up so he doesn't choke. This also means that every little thing he sees on the floor will end up in his mouth if I don't keep a close eye. He also has one of those nets that we put a variety of fruits and biter biscuits in, which will keep him busy for a good 15 minutes or so. Noah has also figured out how to pull himself up on things especially in his crib, it will no time before he is using furniture to walk around. 

This weekend Noah was cutting his top tooth and he was miserable. He was waking up every 2 or three hours at night and wanted to be held constantly. He has a low grade fever and his nose is running. Even some of the things he always enjoys like the bath and his swing outside he wanted nothing to do with. Today I can see the white of the tooth so hopefully he will soon be back to his old happy self again, or until the next tooth decides to show itself! 

I haven't taken too many photos this past month and we will hopefully be getting some much needed professional pics done in the next couple weeks. I meant to do them at 6 months and then time got away so we will have 8 month ones instead! 

Riding his horse like a big boy
Took his first header off the couch and scraped his nose on the rug, 
it looks a lot worse than it was

Reading a book with dad