Monday, August 30, 2010

Our new home!

Well we officially moved the Roseville on August 14th. We are living in a two bedroom apartment for at least 6 months so this will get interesting once the baby comes. The plan is to have Noah in his own room and the baby will stay in our room until she can get on more of a schedule. The move went good, we had lots of friends and family to help. I'm getting used the town but of course already found the Target and the mall. I am enjoying getting to spend more time with Noah especially before his sister arrives!
We still do not have a name picked for this little girl. It is just such a hard thing to do and we are having a harder time picking a girl name than we did picking a boys. It may something that gets revealed after she is born.
I was taken off work all together by my new doctor. She didn't want me driving that far especially with the placenta previa (my placenta is covering my cervix, which puts at more risk for bleeding). I was looking forward to working with all my friends a few more times but I know that being off is for the best. I am expecting to have a c-section because of the placenta previa but my doc still seems to think things can change, personally I just want to be able to plan for one or the other and this not knowing is killing me! But if I do end up with a c-section she said it will probably happen 2 weeks early which means we could have a baby here before halloween! I nervous but excited to be able to meet this new person.
We had Noah's 2 year pics taken at JC Penny, I'm so happy at how well they turned out. Noah was such a good sport and did whatever the photographer asked, except the smiling part that took quite a bit of work.
Well I will try not to let as much time go by between posts but life is pretty busy right now and will soon be even busier in the near future!

Our front door

29 weeks along!