Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Noah's visit with Santa!

Well I don't have very many pictures to post lately since we have seemed to have lost our camera! And our video camera that takes pictures is in the shop until after Christmas! Boo! So the only picture I have to post is this one. Well I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Monday, November 16, 2009

It's about time I wrote something new

Well it has been a while so I have posted anything new. Noah is just getting bigger by the day and doing so many fun new things. He has mastered walking and is now running everywhere. He is saying so many words and seems like he adds a new one everyday to his vocabulary probably his most favorite and my least favorite being "no". I think he is just in such a cute stage right now with his personality shining through and just watching him do or say the most unexpected things, I just crack up laughing.

Halloween was very interesting this year, we had a cute dragon costume all planned for him to wear but then Noah had a major melt down and ended up going trick or treating in his regular clothes. While he was at every house then had another melt down when he couldn't go up and down the stairs or play with every pumpkin or "ball" as he called them. It was an adventurous night to say the least.

We took a trip to Portland Oregon the last week in October to check out the area for a possible relocation. We enjoyed it there very much, it did rain like we expected but I think it is something that we could handle. This will be a major move, especially since we will be leaving a lot of family and friends that help us out so much, but I think this good be a good opportunity to get out of Fresno and try something different while our family is still young. We don't have a move date yet but Matt is currently looking for a job right now and we have plans to put the house on the market soon so until those two things can be accomplished we will still be in Fresno area.
We are looking forward to the upcoming holidays and the end of the year will be here before we know it!

Us in Oregon at Multnomah Falls
In Yosemite
At the bottom of Yosemite Falls, Noah is in the picture he is just behind Daddy's head :)
Looking for a pumpkin!
The family at the pumpkin patch

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bathroom Project

Starting at the beginning of July and lasting four weeks Matt worked on updating our bathroom. This is the only full bath in the house so as far as showering while the project went on we were using the one we have outside attached to the garage. It wasn't that bad, it felt a little like camping but I'm glad to be able to shower in the house again. I love the way the bathroom turned out and for this being Matt's first time remodeling or doing any major tile work I think it turned out great! Now we have moved onto the kitchen so there will be lots of BBQing to come now that we no longer have an oven or stove!
BEFORE: I will not miss that hideous wallpaper

Taken down to bones

The big mess that was made outside the bathroom window

AFTER: We now have two sinks (Yay!) The walls are an olive green color, on my computer they are looking more like a blue

Our new shower that used to only be a tub and on the other side of the wall where the stall shower was is now where the toilet is

Our new toilet area!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Noah Walking

Noah took his first steps today!! He went from taking 2 steps to walking across the room in a matter off 10 minutes at our friends Chad and Melissa's! We have been waiting for this moment and we were all very excited for him.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

One Year Pictures

We had Noah's pictures taken for his first birthday. He wasn't too sure about being placed on a stage and having everyone make faces and gestures trying to get him to smile, but once the props came out, like the beach toys and suitcases, he began laughing and smiling.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Noah eating birthday cake!

I finally uploaded this video from Noah's birthday party. He was crying at the beginning because we had put his party hat on and he hated it so even after we took it off he was still very upset. The cake I made I been in the fridge so the frosting didn't melt but it made it look like a block of cake that wouldn't move :) Also his hair is a crazy mess from all the sunscreen we put on his head while he was swimming. Well enjoy the video!

Monday, July 27, 2009

First Haircut!

Noah had his first haircut on July 22! His hair was getting quite long in the back and although I loved the curls I felt it needed to be cleaned up. He did great and didn't cry once and now he looks like such a big boy!



This is a good side view showing his cut and all his curls are gone :(

Monday, July 6, 2009

Noah is ONE!

Noah is officially one year old today! I cannot believe how fast this came! No walking quite yet but he has tried to balance a couple time standing by himself so I'm sure we will have a walker in our near future. We celebrated Noah's birthday on July 4th with a party at my mom and dad's house. There was swimming, BBQ and fireworks and about 30 people showed up including great aunts and uncles from as far as Paso Robles and Pasadena. I made Noah his own mini cake that he inspected quite a bit before tearing into and eating most of it. He stayed awake for a few sparklers before dark but then went off to bed before the big fireworks.

As far as some of the things he doing right now is he is saying words like dada, mama, papa, baba and is just starting to actually repeat them if you say them otherwise it is pretty random. He enjoys the toys that you put things into like his new pig that you put coins in or anything with cause and effect like his basketball hoop that makes noise that a number at the top that changes when the ball goes through the hoop or his favorite just pressing the button with his hand. He loves his walker and running around outside, when his cousin Connor was here over the weekend he would follow him everywhere. Oh and since it has been so hot here we have been in the pool quite a bit so Noah is getting used to that and enjoying that also.

Well Noah's first plane ride is coming up at the end of July. My aunt Pam, Noah and I are going to Washington State to go visit my cousin Megan and their newest addition Clover and my other cousin Elizabeth and the whole Boers clan. I'm looking forward to the trip but nervous about the flight, but fortunately I will have Pam with me and the flight is only 2 hours. Well I must finish up some other things while Noah is napping!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Pool Time!

So I can't believe that Noah is almost one year old! I have already started planning his birthday party which is going to be on July 4. It is going to at my parents house and we will be swimming, BBQing and doing fireworks which should be fun. 
Unfortunately some bad news is that Matt got laid off at his job so he has been home being Mr. Mom which has been nice, I'm sure he would rather be working though. We are not sure what our plan is yet except that he is looking for a new job, right now I'm working as much as I can and stay sane but we are financially stable for the moment. 
Here are some pics of Noah in our pool for the first time, he has been in Grandma and Granpa's though, he loves the water. And he isn't taking any steps of his own but will push his toy all over the living room with us steering or running around in his walker outside which he has gotten very good at maneuvering.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

10 months old already, where did the time go!

Spring is here and almost gone considering we are already having 90 degree weather! We have been spending a lot of time outside either on the swing, in the walker or taking Noah on a walk in the stroller. Noah is still crawling like crazy and walking around the furniture. He hasn't quite attempted to balance by himself yet but I'm sure he will do it when I least expect it. He has now decided he doesn't want to be fed by a spoon anymore and wants to feed himself so I have had to get creative with his meals. I can't believe how fast time has gone by! My little man is already 10 months old and in only 2 short months he will be ONE! It seems like just yesterday he was this tiny little thing sleeping in my arms. Here are a few pictures from the last couple months!

Hanging out by the pool with Roxy, he refuses to wear his hat anymore

Hanging out with Grandma S. on the new party barge at Millerton Lake

Hiking with dad in the new backpack

More whip cream Grandpa!

Easter 2009

Well we spent Easter with Matt's parents and his sister's family this year. The morning started by searching for Easter baskets with Noah and his cousins and then we all headed outside to look for eggs. All the kids had a lot of fun and we can't wait until next year!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

There is no stopping me now!

Noah is even more on the move now that he is completely crawling since he has found that this easier and faster then the scooting method he used in the past. He is pulling himself up on anything he can get his hands on and walking slowly around the furniture. He has now even mastered how to get down without falling or hitting his head. We also have a couple steps that go from our great room to the formal living room and he loves going up those, he hasn't quite gotten the hang of going up and down those yet. Noah has also started to mama but only when he is upset and it's more like "maaamaaamaamamaaama," no dada yet. 

My cousin Talia took some pictures of Noah at the park, here are a couple that turned out good. 


Friday, March 6, 2009

Noah is 8 months old today here some pictures I took today outside, it was a very nice day! Enjoy!

A bit blurry but you can see those cute bottom teeth