Monday, November 16, 2009

It's about time I wrote something new

Well it has been a while so I have posted anything new. Noah is just getting bigger by the day and doing so many fun new things. He has mastered walking and is now running everywhere. He is saying so many words and seems like he adds a new one everyday to his vocabulary probably his most favorite and my least favorite being "no". I think he is just in such a cute stage right now with his personality shining through and just watching him do or say the most unexpected things, I just crack up laughing.

Halloween was very interesting this year, we had a cute dragon costume all planned for him to wear but then Noah had a major melt down and ended up going trick or treating in his regular clothes. While he was at every house then had another melt down when he couldn't go up and down the stairs or play with every pumpkin or "ball" as he called them. It was an adventurous night to say the least.

We took a trip to Portland Oregon the last week in October to check out the area for a possible relocation. We enjoyed it there very much, it did rain like we expected but I think it is something that we could handle. This will be a major move, especially since we will be leaving a lot of family and friends that help us out so much, but I think this good be a good opportunity to get out of Fresno and try something different while our family is still young. We don't have a move date yet but Matt is currently looking for a job right now and we have plans to put the house on the market soon so until those two things can be accomplished we will still be in Fresno area.
We are looking forward to the upcoming holidays and the end of the year will be here before we know it!

Us in Oregon at Multnomah Falls
In Yosemite
At the bottom of Yosemite Falls, Noah is in the picture he is just behind Daddy's head :)
Looking for a pumpkin!
The family at the pumpkin patch